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Youth of the Year 2018                                               

Addison Bright

Addison enjoys a good challenge. She’s the very definition of grace under pressure. A member of the Salida Club since 2008, Addison pushes herself and guides those who need help the most with empathy and poise. She’s the 6th ranked member of her class and works hard to maintain a 3.74 GPA in her AP courses. On her high school soccer team she’s the fearless goalie; in the pool she’s the swimming teammate that keeps everyone reaching for their best. Meet Addison once and you too will be cheering her on. An aspiring aerospace engineer, Addison hopes to land at one of our nation’s service academies. Good fortune will continue to follow this young woman in all of her endeavors.   

Read Addison's YOY speech here! Addison's speech

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