Administrative Team and Executive Director

Brian Beaulieu - Executive Director

I’m in in the business of making kids happy. I believe more kids smile at a Boys and Girls Club than any other place in the world. I’ve been involved with the BGC for more than 29 years, from Boston to Austin and Salida to Buena Vista. I love to watch the staff and volunteers work their magic at the BGC each day and have seen the Club inspire thousands of kids in so many different ways. Away from the Club you’ll find me smiling while reading a book by Adam Johnson or listening to my favorite band Calexico.

Alisa Pappenfort - Finance Director

I started at the Club when my daughter was seven and found that I loved working where my daughter played. I believe the Clubs are a great place because I hear so much joy when kids gather with friends and adult professionals to giggle, learn resistance skills, build character and play their way into healthy bodies and minds. My own children span two generations and I've seen that teens keep adults young, because they require them to reexamine their own values, thinking processes and actions. 
Branch Director: Jennifer Wood
P: 719.395.7014
Branch Director: Tessie Ortega
P: 719.539.9500
Executive Director: Brian Beaulieu
P.O. Box 1430, Salida, Colorado 81201
P: 719.539.9500 / Email:

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