Donation Options

One of the best and most efficient ways to donate is through an automatic withdrawal from your checking account.  Just click here for the appropriate form.

 Please click on the appropriate donate button.  There is an example of what your donation might do for The Clubs.  Your credit card will be secure and encrypted through PayPal.  Thank you so much!

   Liability insurance for 1 year

   Ski trip for 40 kids

   Healthy snacks for 1 month

     1st aid products for 1 year

     Internet service for 1 month

       Scholarship for new member

       Incentives for members

   With a budget of over $517,000 all donations from $10-$10,000 are appreciated!  It takes financial resources to provide effective programs and hire and train quality youth professionals.

Our staff's relationships with our members are key in making a difference in a child's life.  Personnel costs are 70% of our budget and we need to pay a living wage to train them and keep them.  It JUST takes ONE person like you to make a difference.  Thank you so much!!!