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Kelly Hamilton - Branch Director

I love working at the Boys & Girls Clubs because I have a passion for working with youth and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their lives as they learn, grow and explore their unique interests. The Club is Salida’s most comprehensive youth program outside of the school day, and it is an honor to lead our staff in providing a high-quality enriching experience for youth. As a mother of school-aged children, I know first hand the importance of quality programming and love it when my own kids choose to come to the Club.

Ginny Biglow - Front Desk

After retiring from nearly 30 years of teaching, I began as a volunteer at the Club and then was offered the Front Desk position four summers ago.  It’s a perfect fit because of my community connections and how it allows me to spend time with kids of all ages, which I love! The importance of the Boys and Girls Clubs is apparent daily with the numbers of children and teens who participate in the many programs offered in this safe and fun place for kids to hang out. A little-known aspect of "mild-mannered old lady" me is that my retirement gift from teaching at the age of 64 was a tandem sky dive, which I totally loved and would do again any time!

Cathy Sadeik - Front Desk & Program Staff

I started out with the Boys and Girls Clubs by answering a newspaper call for volunteers to help with a new math program. Since I taught accounting labs as a grad assistant, I thought I could help. Through the many Club activities like sports, art, chess, computers and homework help, I see kids growing in self-confidence, improving social skills and helping others. Like Miss Ginny, I’ve been sky diving, but I didn’t tell my parents until after the jump and then going bowling—I figured the bowling would convince them I hadn’t broken or hurt anything!

Rachel Conroy - Americorps Member

After volunteering as a teacher's aid in Guatemala and loving every second of it, I knew I wanted to work with kids again, so serving as an AmeriCorps member working with the Boys and Girls Clubs is perfect. Moving from Chicago to Salida was one of the most spontaneous and best decisions I have ever made! I get excited every morning to go to work, because not only do I enjoy spending time with these kids, but I am grateful to be a part of the positive change that happens at the Club!

Scotty Hughes - Tech Coordinator & Teen Program Staff

Having had mentors and groups that helped me in my younger years, I wanted to give back to the community, and I love working with kids, making sure that they have an opportunity to better themselves and simply be themselves. The Boys and Girls Clubs provide a safe place for kids to go after school, which helps out families; with all the great opportunities the Club has to offer, it's a win-win for all. Back in 1984 in California, I was a BGC kid myself; not only was I able to make friends in the new town we had just moved to, but they even offered break dancing lessons!

Jessie Miller - Art Coordinator

I grew up on a farm in Maryland and later attended art school at NYU, CU-Boulder and Naropa University; my artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits and my writing has been published in books and journals.  My love for teaching children led me to working at the Boys and Girls Clubs, a fun and healthy organization where the voice of local youth is heard and respected. The Club offers me a meaningful role in the community and a place to share my passions for art, laughter and nature.                                               

Leah Sanchez - Interim Senior Program Director

My position here at the Club is unique, because I get to do a variety of things at the Club. I began here through a year of service with AmeriCorps, moving then to a Generalist position, and now to Interim Senior Program Director.  I feel it's a great organization that focuses on guiding children to become responsible citizens. I chose to move to Salida from Miami after biking across the country in support of affordable housing and falling in love with Colorado. 

Matt Sweeney - Sports & Fitness Coordinator

I first learned about the Sports Coordinator position while playing pickleball, and as a person who has coached and always been sports-oriented, the idea of being the person “who could play games with the kids in the gym and get them moving” sounded great. I love the fact that because the kids, their families and staff run into each other outside the Club constantly, it makes the community feel that much more tight-knit. When I first started my job here, my initial fear was that the kids would think I'm lame, because I play weird sports like pickleball, computer games like Minecraft and talk about cartoons, but it turns out that we do all that same stuff at the Club and the kids love it!

Branch Director: Jennifer Wood
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Branch Director: Kelly Hamilton
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Executive Director: Brian Beaulieu
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