Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County is a Family Strengthening Annie E. Casey Foundation Award Recipient!  Congratulations and thank you to all parents and partners in Chaffee County!

Money Does Matter

Past graduates of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County Mother/Daughter Money Matters program. Money Matters is a nationwide Boys & Girls Clubs of America program that focuses on financial literacy, savings, budgeting, investments and financial goals.  The Club partnered with several local organizations to make this eight hour program a success.  These organizations included Chaffee County High School, FYI/Chaffee County Mentors, Buena Vista Public Library and two volunteers, Jackie Sobczak and Judy Somers, from the Buena Vista Edward Jones office.  Money Matters was funded from a grant awarded by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. 

Family Activities, Parenting Classes, Special Family Events,
Family of the Month!

Buena Vista Branch Family Event Information: 
1)  Family Nights: Typically the last Wednesdays of each month.
     Please call the Club (395-5715) or look at a monthly Club schedule for details.
Salida Branch Family Event Information:  


*Familes are chosen based on family involvement, excellence in leadership, character and outstanding service to the community and Club.

Buena Vista – The Dylan Family

Salida – The Cannedy/Ingraham Family


Does your family of four make $4,594.00 a month or MORE (after deductions)?  If so, your children may qualify for health insurance!  Go to to find out more!
The CHAFFEE PEOPLE'S CLINIC provides medical services for the those who have NO insurance.  Here's some information or you can contact them:
- We do not do sports physicals, but do see children for acute problems (if they do not have insurance).
-  We don't do women's annual exams/paps, but can refer patients to other programs.
Salida location:
448 E. 1st Street  (M - 1-5pm, T - 1-4pm and Thurs - 8-Noon)  539-4144
Buena Vista location: 
114 Linderman Ave (M - 9-11am and Wed 1-6pm)  395-3238